Healthy Easter Ideas


For someone who isn’t looking to get a sugar high for Easter, a basket filled with a variety of teas may be a better option. Get a range of teas with a purpose such as sleep assistance and improvement in gut health or digestion. You’re not only assisting with the receiver’s health, but giving them a means to relax and enjoy a soothing sip.

Fill your own plastic eggs

Instead of buying pre-packaged plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt, purchase the empty eggs and fill them up yourself. Use dried and dehydrated fruits or nuts, this way, your children open up a healthy treat instead of chocolate which will most likely need to be portion controlled.

Nut Butter and Fruit

Instead of serving chocolate and candy platters on your table during Easter family lunch, introduce assorted fruit with nut butter instead. Try sliced banana or apple served with peanut butter for dipping. This gives you a healthier version of a sweet treat that does not completely ruin your diet.

Chocolate covered fruit

If there’s no letting go of that chocolate craving, try dipping fruit in melted dark chocolate. Melt a chocolate bar or chips and then, dip your assorted fruits in it. Lay the dipped fruits on to a baking sheet lined with wax or parchment paper and refrigerate for an hour. Pull them out when guests have arrived and serve.

If you want to scale back on the chocolate, there’s always the option to lightly drizzle the chocolate over the fruit instead of completely coating it.

Gift vouchers

Instead of splurging on the edibles, treat your loved ones to something different. Get them a gift card to their favourite store, for a massage or, somewhere they’ve never been before. This way, you’re still giving them an Easter treat, but in a way that benefits them more than just eating chocolates.


Instead of making the Easter egg hunt all about finding treats, turn it into something fun and unique like a scavenger hunt. This party game gets everyone involved—both children and adults. Leave trivia clues all over the house or yard and let the adults help the children figure out the answers. Have prizes for each team as opposed to individual chocolates and sweets and make the prize something fun for everyone—maybe, a board game or an outing for the family.

An essentials basket

Give your family an essentials basket; this is a basket that is filled with things that they will always use or need but that often go unnoticed. For young girls, teens or, even women, gift a basket filled with hair ties, sunglasses, a beach towel, sunblock and even a bathing suit. This gives the individual the perfect excuse to get out of the house and go for a beach day.

While this isn’t the only option, it may be a good suggestion for some. Think about what your loved ones like, need or may want. Get as creative as you’d like and come up with something special.

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