6 Tips to Tone and Sclupt Your Butt

Who doesn’t want firm, well-sculpted glutes? Well, we have got some pointers for you. To lift, shape and tone your glutes (also known as the butt muscles) there are two major things which you can try. Firstly, cardiovascular exercises (cardio) will be your best friend when trying to burn off the bits of excess fat around your rear end. Combine cardio with strength exercises that will really target the muscle group making your bum look rounder and more lifted. Like everything else, working out is only half the battle, good nutrition and exercise combined are the winning team to a firm butt and nicely sculpted thighs.

Glutes and quadriceps (quads) are two of the largest muscles in the body and working towards a better shape can improve health overall. Here are a few tips to help you accomplish that sculpted bum:

  1. Sculpt First – Before you even think about diving head first into a cardio routine, stop and ask yourself what this is really going to do for your muscles. Think about it, to have a nice sculpted behind, you need to first build the lean muscle mass to get the shape you desire. You need to be working all three muscles that make up your glutes; gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. By performing a series of exercises that work all three, you should start seeing results in no time.
  2. Lift weights – When starting a workout routine, many just run to the treadmill and stay clear of the weight section for fear of looking ridiculous. What many people do not know, is that weights are more beneficial to their workout routine than they might think. Lean and tone muscles not only make you feel strong but they make you look strong as well. Try starting your routine without weights and slowly add (weights) as you begin to feel more comfortable. Always stay mindful of your form, this can help to avoid injury and allow you to target the correct muscle groups.
  3. Stretch often – Our legs and glutes are constantly working; you have to walk, sit, and stand; those are just the basics. Be sure to get a good warm up before working out and ensure that you stretch to avoid injury and help with muscle recovery in the long-term.
  4. Rest and Recover – During a workout your muscles break down, and it is important to give them enough time to rest and recover after a week of intense workouts. Leaving at least 48 hours between leg workouts is great for recovery; try working other muscle groups in your off time.

Exercise, adequate recovery time and a clean diet filled with nutrient dense food are the key to sculpting a lean and toned bum.

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